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The Best Safety Tips For Motorcycle Riders

A quick look at how to protect yourself and your motorcycle on the road ahead.

You likely love that your motorcycle is smaller than a car. It allows you to navigate through traffic and save at the gas pump. Its lack of extras mean that it lacks safety features, though. To help protect yourself because your bike will not, here are a few of the best motorcycle safety tips you should use.

  • Gear Up: Because your motorcycle doesn’t offer a defense for you, you need to use gear that will protect you should you end up making contact with the road. Always wearing a properly fitting, full-face helmet is the single most important thing you can do to stay safe. Make sure you also get a motorcycle jacket with body armor, sturdy shoes, and gloves.
  • Be Wary: Unfortunately, drivers are just not as aware of motorcyclists as they should be. Always look twice before you turn and leave plenty of space between yourself and cars on the road to ensure a driver’s failure to notice you does not become a serious danger.
  • Plan Ahead: Before you head out on your bike, check the weather. If a rainstorm catches you by surprise, wait as long as you can. The first layer of water on the road brings up residual oils, making the road slick, but the continuing rain will eventually wash it away. Also, make sure you have already responded to calls and texts and that you set your music up before you start up your motorcycle.

We hope these tips help you protect yourself out on the road. As you focus on staying safe, who is protecting your bike? To get the Long Beach and Los Angeles, CA motorcycle insurance you need, contact Saferoad Insurance. Our team of California insurance experts understands how your motorcycle is different and can set you up with the right policy to specifically protect it.