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How Does Homeowner’s Insurance Handle Natural Disasters?

natural disasters covered by homeowners insurance

As a homeowner in California, the last thing you want to experience is a natural disaster of any kind. Many homeowners are concerned with how their insurance may or may not cover their house and their belongings in the event that a natural disaster Read More

Fire Safety Tips for Homeowners

fire safety tips california

Homeowners in California can all benefit from having a detailed list for fire safety tips to make sure their family and house is safe in case of a fire. This ensures that you and your family have the correct fire safety plan in place in an emergency, Read More

Personal Belongings Replacement with Homeowner’s Insurance

personal property coverage homeowners insurance

It can be devastating if anything happens to your personal belongings – both emotionally and financially. For homeowner’s in California with the right homeowner’s insurance policy, their personal belongings may be covered. However, there are Read More