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Secure Your Home and Save on Homeowners Insurance

home safety to save on homeowners insurance

It is important for homeowners to keep their house safe and secure by adding a few simple improvements. Did you know that making your house safer and more secure can also save you money on your homeowner’s insurance? Many homeowner’s insurance Read More

Holiday Safety Tips for Your Home


The holidays are a wonderful time of year to build memories with friends and family. While it can be very busy with holiday shopping, parties, and other activities, make sure to keep safety top of mind. Here are some great home safety tips to keep Read More

Will Home Insurance in Long Beach, CA Cover Theft of These Commonly Stolen Items?

Will Home Insurance in Long Beach, CA Cover Theft

Here are the top three most commonly stolen items. Will home insurance in Long Beach, CA cover theft of these things? There are a few things thieves love to find in your home. They're usually lightweight with a heavy value. If you're storing these Read More