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Re-Evaluate Your Homeowners Insurance for 2018

2018 homeowners insurance review

If you own your home in California, you have likely dealt with shopping for homeowner’s insurance plans. If you have had the same homeowner’s insurance plan for years, but have not reviewed it in a while, now should be the time to review your policy Read More

Secure Your Home and Save on Homeowners Insurance

home safety to save on homeowners insurance

It is important for homeowners to keep their house safe and secure by adding a few simple improvements. Did you know that making your house safer and more secure can also save you money on your homeowner’s insurance? Many homeowner’s insurance Read More

How to Avoid Common Homeowner’s Insurance Claims in California

avoiding common homeowners insurance claims

For homeowners in California, avoiding homeowner’s insurance claims can help keep your premium down and avoid unwanted expenses. Simple maintenance and safety precautions for your home can help reduce your insurance claims and cut back on damaged Read More