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Homeowners Insurance and Contractor Work

homeowners insurance and contractors

For remodeling and repairs for the house you own, it is important to find a good contractor. But what happens if your home is damaged by the contractor during a repair or remodel? Many people want to know how does homeowner’s insurance handle damage Read More

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Damage to My Boat?

boat damage and homeowners insurance

As common as it is to store your boat at your own house when you are not using it, this brings up the question of if your boat is covered by homeowner’s insurance while it is at your house. If you store your boat in your own garage for example, and Read More

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover My Rental Property?

homeowners insurance for rental property

If you own a home in California, you most likely took the time to carefully pick the best homeowner’s insurance to get the right amount of coverage you need. However, if you own rental property or rent out part of your home, you may be wondering if Read More