Repelling Summer Bugs Naturally

Natural Bug Repellent

Summer Tips For California Homeowners Homeowners are no stranger to the pests that tend to arrive with the summer sun, but is canned bug repellent really the way to go? Far too many of us use these aerosol cans that are harmful to both us and the Read More

Wildfire Season & The California Drought

Wildfire Season & the California Drought

Tips For Conserving Water During Wildfire Season Now that we are experiencing both wildfire season and the California drought in full throttle, it becomes increasingly important for homeowners throughout the state to take measures to conserve Read More

Protecting Your Business From California Earthquakes

Earthquakes & Business Insurance Los Angeles Ca

Preparing For The Next Big California Quake Business owners operating in beautiful and sunny California must consider their vulnerability to earthquakes. Since many scientists are claiming that the next big California quake may arrive any day now, Read More