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Tips to be Safe During Holiday Shopping

holiday shopping safety tips

The holidays are a great time of the year for spending time with family and friends, and filled with lots of fun shopping. To make sure you stay safe while shopping, make sure to follow these important tips. We all want to have a wonderful holiday season and avoid any potential problems, so let’s stay safe. No one wants to make insurance claims during this time of year or have other major issues.

Tips for Safe Shopping

Make sure you park in a well-lit area, preferably with plenty of other cars and people around you. It can be unsafe to park in a hidden area with poor lighting.

Lock Your Car
Make sure to always lock your car, even if you are just going in for something quick. It only takes moments for someone to steal items from your car, or even your car itself. While insurance may cover car theft, this is not something you want to go through.

Hide Your Belongings
If you have a lot of items you have purchased from holiday shopping all day, make sure to hide them so they are not clearly visible through the windows. If possible, put all of your shopping items and valuables in the trunk to deter theft. Should you have an issue with theft or a break-in, your auto insurance or homeowner’s insurance may be able to help depending on the damage, and what exactly was stolen.

Avoid Pick-Pockets
If you are carrying expensive items, or your purse or wallet, make sure to secure these items so they are not easy for someone to steal when they walk by. Try to put them in a coat or pocket, or make sure they are securely strapped to you, not dangling.

Do Not Leave Car Unoccupied
Don’t leave the car running if it is not occupied, or you have pets or children inside the car. This is a major safety risk.

Avoid Carrying Large Amounts of Cash
When possible, use a card instead of cash to avoid being robbed. It is easier to get reimbursed if your credit card is stolen, rather than if your cash is stolen.

Stay safe and enjoy your holiday season this year!