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Surprising Ways to Get Cheap Auto Insurance in Los Angeles

Cheap Auto Insurance in Los Angeles

Don’t overlook these tips when searching for cheap auto insurance in Los Angeles!

There’s one thing that brings all fellow drivers together, and that’s trying to find the most affordable auto insurance. You’ve most likely heard of the normal ways to save on auto insurance, such as buying a shiny new model, decreasing your mileage, and of course, keeping your driving record ticket free. However, there are several other surprising ways to get cheap auto insurance in Los Angeles!

  • Praise the A’s: Is your teen doing well in school? Strong grades show the student’s work ethic and ability to concentrate- characteristics that can transfer to good driving habits as well! The Wallstreet Journal’s MarketWatch reports that students who are maintaining at least a “B” average can get auto insurance rates lowered by 6 to 20 percent. Keep encouraging your teen to work hard in school!
  • Turn up the lights: Does your vehicle have daytime-running lights? If you’re like most people, it can be easy to overlook turning your lights on. Daytime-running lights automatically switch on when the vehicle is moving forward, reducing your chance of forgetting to turn them on, and increasing the ability for your car to be more visible during the day! This reduces your risk of an accident and can make it possible to get reduced rates.
  • The More the merrier: Are you a member of a group or organization? From military to college graduates, being part of a group can help you get lower rates for your auto insurance. Make sure your insurer knows which groups you’ve joined!

Whether you’re a straight “A” student or have a membership to a group, don’t overlook these surprising ways to save on auto insurance!  To learn more about how you can find cheap auto insurance in Los Angeles, California, contact the affordable car insurance experts at Saferoad Insurance.