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What is SR-22 in Auto Insurance?

sr22 auto insurance

There are some unique situations where getting auto insurance may be a challenge depending on your driving record or other history. In some cases, your state Department of Motor Vehicles may require you to get an SR-22 Document in order to be able to get auto insurance. If you need to get an SR-22, the court where you appeared, or the DMV will notify you by mail. Here is important information you need to know about SR-22s.

Reasons You May Need an SR-22
If your driver’s license was suspended you may be required to get a SR-22, also known as a Certificate of Financial Responsibility to verify the purchase of vehicle insurance coverage required by the state to reinstate driving privileges. It is essentially proof that you are meeting the minimum requirements for having auto insurance in your state.

Commonly people need an SR-22 if they have been convicted of a DWI, DUI, have had multiple traffic offenses, have had their license suspended/revoked or have had violations for failure to get the mandatory insurance coverage required by their state’s law.

How Long Do You Need an SR-22?
This depends on the state. Most commonly you will need to have an SR-22 for a minimum of 3 years. However, if you have another offense while you have the SR-22, you may be required to extend the period of your SR-22. If you do not have any violations or incidents in your given time period, you can purchase car insurance in the standard market.

If you need a SR-22, you will most likely need to contact your car insurance company and they can help you from there. If you are still confused and have additional questions about this unique car insurance situation, our experts would be more than happy to help you. Visit our Long Beach or Los Angeles local offices, or contact us at 877-945-7233 today.