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Who Can I Add to My Car Insurance Policy?

adding people to auto insurance

When adding additional people to your car insurance policy there are some important issues to consider. While most Californians are familiar with adding family that live at the same address, there are other unique situations that can come up that will leave you asking questions. Who else can be added to your auto insurance policy? We will cover this with a few quick summaries listed below.

Who Can I Add to My Auto Insurance?
The most common way to add someone else to your auto insurance is for people that live in the same address or that are related to you, or both. This way the people that will frequently be driving the vehicles insured are on the same coverage plan.

Add People at a Separate Address
This depends on the insurance provider and situation. There are cases where a child may still be under the car insurance plan if they are away at college but are not at the same address anymore. In most cases, you cannot add someone that is not under the same address and is not related to you.

Adding People That Are Not Related
If you need to add someone to your auto insurance policy in California that is not related to you, they typically need to be living at the same address. This commonly comes up when people want to add a roommate to their car insurance plan. You should verify this arrangement with your provider since the owner of the car can make a difference, especially if you both own different vehicles.

What If Someone Else Was Driving My Car?
If you are concerned about someone else driving your car, but they were not added to your insurance policy, this can be covered in most cases. This can come up if your car is in a car accident, but your friend was driving your car, not you the policy holder.


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