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Winter Driving Safety Tips

winter driving safety tips

For traveling during the winter time, especially in areas where there may be ice on the road, it is important to have a set of safety rules to follow. Drivers should be extra cautious on the road, check their car before taking a trip, and follow basic safety procedures to make sure their trip is safe, fun, and does not have any issues during travel. Here are some great tips to follow for winter travels and road trips.

Check Your Vehicle Before The Trip
Take your car to an auto repair shop or check it yourself to make sure it is safe for travel. Check you tires, breaks, fluid levels. Also, for the winter, bring an ice scraper, salt or sand, and a shovel in case you run into issues on the road.

Pack Essential Roadside Safety Items
Keep your car well stocked with roadside safety kits that typically include a reflective vest, road flares, basic tool set, jumper cables, a spare tire, a car jack, and a flashlight. Also ensure you have a cell phone and cell phone charger in the car in case of emergency.

Review the Weather for Your Route
Before starting your trip, it is important to check the weather, especially for ice and snow. Beyond checking the weather for your area, make sure you check the weather for the entire route for the duration of the trip, especially if you are traveling for multiple days or at night. You can even get weather alerts by popular weather apps on your phone.

Safety While Driving
While you are driving in winter conditioners, especially with ice on the road, make sure to adjust your driving to be more cautious. Drive at a slower speed, don’t follow other vehicles closely, allow more time to break and accelerate, drive with your headlights on, keep an eye out for ice on the road or on bridges.

Safety for Car Breakdowns
If your car does breakdown, check with your auto insurance provider to make sure you have roadside assistance available to help. If you do not, make sure you have a cell phone and roadside safety items in your car to help get you back on the road, or safely towed if needed.

Stay safe on the roads and be extra cautious during winter travels!