How Does Wildfire Area Risk Affect Homeowner’s Insurance?

wildfire risks and homeowners insurance

There are many factors that can affect how much you pay for homeowner’s insurance in California. One of these is the area you live in and potential risks in that area. If the risk of Wildfires in your area is high, you will likely have a higher Read More

What is Additional Living Expenses (ALE) for Homeowner’s Insurance

Additional Living Expenses homeowners insurance

While most people know that homeowner’s insurance policies in California can help pay to repair damage to your house, many people are unsure as to how their insurance policy can help with living expenses while extensive repairs are being completed. Read More

What Coverage Limit Do I Need for Car Insurance?

coverage limit needed in car insurance

With so many car insurance options available, it is hard to decide what coverage amounts you need to have. There is the legal amount you need in the state of California, but there are also many other coverage options that most people want to have so Read More