Car Safety Checklist for Teen Drivers

driving safety checklist for teens

Driving a car is a big responsibility and teen drivers should be taught the proper safety instructions for operating a vehicle in California. This can avoid very dangerous driving habits and keep your teenage driver out of harm, and can avoid Read More

Boating Safety Tips

california boating safety tips

Taking the boat out can be a lot of fun, but make sure you are also being safe. For boating in California, there are some very important safety tips you want to make sure are in place before, during, and after your boating trip. Even if you have Read More

Tips for Homeowners to Save on Electric Bill in California

We all know that summers in California can get hot, and this can cause your electric bill to be much higher than you want it to be. There are some easy ways to save on your energy bill and reduce your costs as a homeowner. These can even avoid costly Read More